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We deliver professional ICT expertise

We pursue the practice of expert witnesses and deliver expertise and consultancy services in the process of advertising, awarding and administering procurement contracts and adopting GDPR principles. We also provide market consultation, dispute settlement and project management services and are ready to evaluate the level of your organisation’s data protection and data security and provide an expert opinion on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure revealed by penetration testing. We think of your future. Our in-depth expertise and broad experience enable us to consider your project from different points of view and treat and prevent your issues.


We are the only expert witness institute in the Czech Republic accredited to pursue the practice of expert witnesses in all ICT fields including cybernetics, copyright and information economics. We provide expert opinions linked to legal acts, be they contract advertising, proper contract performance or evaluation of the level of organisation’s data protection and data security.

We offer individual consultations and advice on ICT business relations. Our unique and comprehensive portfolio of accreditations allows us to determine or estimate the value of a good or service in a market. We consider all key aspects comprehensively and professionally and ensure that we render top-quality expert witness services.


Are you advertising an ICT procurement contract? We will help you to prevent possible problems, save your time and costs and avoid potential interaction with supervisory authorities. We specialise in preparing procurement contracts and seeing to their smooth progress – from setting the technical specifications in line with law and relevant principles to participating in the evaluation and supervising proper and timely contract performance. We assist our clients with the determination of the estimated contract value, preparation of the technical specifications, setting of the contract specifications, tender evaluation and contract performance monitoring. We are ready to provide an expert opinion at each stage of the procurement process.

In providing consultations and professional advice, we respect the real needs of our clients. We are transparent in what we do, treat everyone equally and avoid discrimination. Our broad portfolio of expertise and many years of experience allow us to consider all issues professionally and ensure that your procurement is addressed comprehensively and set in line with your expectations and abilities. During the procurement process, we work closely with prominent law firms recognised as leaders in this field.


Buyers are recommended to conduct preliminary market consultations before commencing a procurement procedure. Under Act No. 134/2016 Sb., regulating procurement, buyers may seek advice from independent experts including our expert witness institute before advertising their procurement contract.

We use a transparent and efficient method to conduct market consultations within which we assess the current market situation, obtain detailed information concerning the subject-matter of the contract and examine other aspects that could lead to incorrect tender specification.  

With that information in hand, you can better set the award criteria, approach the right suppliers and become more aware of the contract performance options.  

We are transparent in everything we do. All our market consultation steps are properly documented and can be reviewed at any time.


Are you ready to face potential risks associated with accepting deliverables, be they a service or software or hardware product? Seek our services to have the contract performance examined and determined whether the deliverables must be accepted by the buyer with regard to the deficiencies. We provide impartial and professional expert opinions on the actual state of deliverables, always in comparison with the specifications, tender and all contractual covenants – the discrepancies revealed are then recorded by the buyer in the delivery report used to seek redress from the supplier.

To make your procurement process as smooth as possible, we will advise and assist you with the setting of individual acceptance criteria before you start advertising your procurement contract and provide you with an opportunity to address and resolve potential future issues before they arise.


We offer a unique service to the Czech market combining ICT expert witness practice with cyber security: an expert opinion on organisation’s data and application security based on the penetration test or information security audit conducted by our certified experts.

A penetration test is an authorised simulated cyberattack performed based on the OSSTMM and OWASP penetration testing methodologies and standards to reveal the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure (applications, website, networks, systems). The goal is to identify major threats and suggest solutions and measures to eliminate the security deficiencies and potential risks.

As with any other services we provide, we are ready to customise our offer based on your individual needs and provide professional evaluation of the actual level of your organisation’s data protection and data security. In addition to the aforementioned expert opinion that is based on penetration testing, usually takes one to three weeks to complete and focuses on revealing all potential vulnerabilities, we also offer a one-day short version of the penetration test performed remotely for you to rapidly obtain information on the security of your systems and check the quality of our services free of charge.


Where a dispute arises between a buyer and a supplier, we can serve as a mediator. If the parties involved call for mutual settlement, bringing a case to court is beneficial to neither party; out of court settlement is a smarter, less costly and faster way to resolve a dispute. Mediation is a process where a mediator assists disputing parties in resolving their conflict and pro-actively guides them towards effective communication and a mutually acceptable solution that will take into account the interests, needs and options of both parties. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of cybernetics, copyright and information economics enable us to consider a matter in dispute thoroughly and professionally and reveal key aspects leading to a positive outcome. The end result, however, is always decided by the disputing parties themselves.


We assist both parties to the dispute with the resolution of their ICT technical disputes out of court by serving as an impartial and neutral arbitrator invited to resolve property disputes in an alternative way. Unlike court proceedings, arbitration proceedings are generally held in private, are much faster and represent a less expensive and discreet alternative to litigation. Arbitration proceedings result in an arbitral award.

Many years of experience and expertise in the field of cybernetics, copyright and information economics enable us to consider a matter in dispute thoroughly and professionally whilst paying close attention to the details that could become crucial to the resolution’s success.


Perhaps every business has ever executed at least one ICT procurement contract. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a rise in disputes over the reasons for non-performance or quality of deliverables, be they a hardware product, customised software solution or service (network administration, outsourcing, enterprise hardware support, etc.); with both parties to the dispute being caught off-guard by strongly believing that the blame unambiguously lies with the other party. The reason for that lies in the inadequately defined responsibility of the parties and tender specifications. Seek our services to have your ICT procurement contracts thoroughly reviewed and the causes of the dispute revealed.


Our expertise, vast experience and in-depth understanding of ICT projects enable us to provide comprehensive GDPR-related services and ensure your organisation’s data protection compliance with the EU Regulation and local data protection legislation.

We conduct detailed GDPR data protection impact and legal assessments, perform business functional analyses, assist with the implementation of procedural and technical measures in businesses and provide GDPR training.

In order to provide truly professional and high-quality services meeting our clients’ individual needs or concerns, we always work closely with prominent lawyers of renowned law firms recognised as leaders in this field.